Maheshwary Industries is one of the prime supplier, wholesaler, and retailer of Iron and Steel products having our office in Rourkela, Odisha. Apart from finished and semi-finished Iron and Steel Products we are also widening our range in Carbon Products.

We started our firm in the year 1963 by the name “Hanuman Das Maheshwary”. Later in the year 1971, the company was renamed as “Maheshwary Industries”. Due to our technical expertise, we are considered as one of the best in the market having clients from all over India and beyond.

Maheshwary Industries is considered as one of the brightest names in the field of supplying, wholesaling, and retailing of iron, steel, and carbon products. Our wide variety of Products include both finished, and semi-finished iron and steel products. Customer satisfaction is our motto and we have an enormous number of satisfied customers for the last 5 decades. We have strengthened the business through proactive product supply, timely delivery, top-notch service, and superior product attributes by reinforcing innovation, leadership, and premium quality. Our team works in close coordination with each other and also with the clients, in order to execute business activities in an organized manner.

Our aim is to give the benefits of mass production to the consumers and grant them a world-class experience at a cost that is exclusively directed towards their benefit. Do join us in our vision to redecorate the iron and Steel Sector.