In-plane geometry, an angle is the figure formed by two rays, called the flanges of angle, sharing a common endpoint called the vertex of the angle. In short, a length of steel or iron bent at a right angle along its long dimensions used as a support or structural framework.

The dimension of the angle is determined by the length and thickness of the two flanges. If the lengths of the two flange are equal it is equal angle otherwise it is unequal. Recently new revolution in the segment has launched known as Narrow flange parallel Beam (NPB) and Wide Flange Parallel Beam (WPB).

The most common length available is between 10 meters to 12 meters and it is used in all construction /Fabrication activities with wide application in Construction, Heavy Automobiles, Bridges construction, Industrial structures, Transmission towers & Ships etc.

We offer the product range as per BIS 2062 available in size range from 25X25 to 200X200 (Prime & Secondary Producers) in customizing the length.